Dr.Eng. Awaluddin Nurmiyanto. ST. Dipl.E.S. M.Eng

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Welcome to my personal WEB. Feel free to browse, especially if you are interested in environmental problem. I am posting news, article and sometimes my opinion about environment in Article section. All about my everyday life, Juventus and my hobbies were posted on Blog section.

I am working at Environmental Engineering Department, Islamic University of Indonesia, as a Lecturer i make Special Courses section on my WEB, i announced about my classes through this WEB regularly. My Research interest is appropriate environmental technology especially on biological wastewater treatment, i also consider about the global climate change mitigation. Sometimes i take a place as environmental consultant with specialty on environmental impact assessment (EIA/AMDAL) and environmental audit. In September 2017 i obtained my doctoral degree from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan. My research topic is about phosphate recovery from wastewater using UASB and DHS reactor.

I also like to take many pictures,  you can see some of my photograph on Photoworks setion, or you can also look up my mobile photograph on my instagr.am. If you interested to contact me further you can message me via facebook,twitter or my Contact page.

I am very appreciate your visit, and I hope we can share any interesting thing through this WEB.