Favorite Japanese Food in Sapporo

Winter season is very hard both for my nose and my stomach..yeah on my nose i got cold allergy every morning #hatchiiim…… while on my stomach i got hungry every hour šŸ˜€ #krucuuuk. So far i can deal with the nose..then guess what with my stomach??

…i’m surrender

So many Variety of food in here, but i must pay attention and selective to eat. Commonly Japanese food used pork and alcohol and that was forbidden for muslim. let me tell you about my favorite Japanese food(of course halal) in Sapporo against my hunger.


I bet nobody ask about what sushi is, because it’s the most famous Japanese dish in the world. But i have different impression on sushi, for me sushi is not raw, I can’t lie with my Indonesian tongue…so when i go to sushi bar i always order these kind of sushi.Ā Aburi salmon (lightly grilled salmon) served with chives topping, dipped on soyu sauce or wasabi would be the best way to eat, some time i also eat with pickle ginger.

Tenpura Udon

Udon, kind of noodle but has big size in diameter. Usually served with broth soup, topped with eggs, vegetables and meat, tenpura (fried prawn,squid and paprika) sometimes also added as a variant in udon.Ā Thanks God In Sapporo i found udon with vegetarian broth and it’s very deliciousā€¦.totemo oishii.

Curious with all those food?… here i took some pict šŸ˜€

aburi salmon

tenpura udon

look delicious isn't?


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