Hadith on forest preservation

Trees are important, valuable and necessary for the existence of any living creature on earth. They are essential to life as we know it and are the ground troops on an environmental frontline.

The most important is when Trees supplying us with oxygen while eliminating CO2 levels from the atmosphere. We also know if Trees can control such noise pollution, decreasing temperature and cleaning the air by  trapping pollutant in their leaf.

Trees also act as phytoremediaiton, cleaning contaminant in the soil by up-taking with their roots, preserve water for being run off and maintain the land stability by fighting from soil erosion.

All those can be considered as  few reasons why trees are priceless. Deforestation surely become suicide without any effort to re-plant.

In ISLAM, we are not allowed to cut tree without any reason as Hadith narrated by Tirmidzi:

Whoever cut down the tree (no reasons justifying), God will send them to hell


picture taken from: treesforfree

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