Phoneblok… new concept to deal with e-waste (Video)

Nowadays mobile phone is an important thing in everyday life, we can found it easily all around the world even in such poor region. Neither a status symbol nor luxury things, mobile phone has become basic needs for everyone.

More and more people owning mobile phones, and the rapid growth rate of introduction new types of mobile phones. Broken, obsolete, and you can imagine how much e-waste generated only from mobile phones. This problem  is likely to escalate globally in the coming years, as people said through this proverb?

Electronic devices are not designed to last..


But wait, how if we can make recyclable mobile phones?, is it an answer to the e-waste problem?. Today i found an interesting video about phoneblok, the idea is to make long last and customisable phone just like lego block.  This concept was brought by Dutch designer named Dave Hakken. Without any futher please take a look and start to forget other electronic fruits (apple and blackberry 😀 )

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