Recycled Diaper..Do It By Your Self

Disposable diaper is a baby product we can’t life without. Although they offer convenience, it is have several dangerous environmental drawbacks. Disposable diapers produce more solid waste than reusable diapers, in addition untreated faeces and urine may poses an environmental health problem. Nowadays most disposable diapers can decompose readily within five months, as they are just wood products and cotton, but other component like absorbent gels and plastic components still hard to degrade.

Reuse diaper (cloth diaper) could be the answer of this problem. A study by found that using re-usable cloth diapers can reduce half waste generation than disposable diapers. Creative works by American quilting enthusiast could be great inspiration for you. She  explained step by step to make reusable diaper from unused t shirt in  her blog, easy just cut and sew. Here i made simple poster based on her work.

If you didn’t want to much busy with sewing, you could try other way as did by my Wife. It’s simply just by modified disposable diaper, pull out the filler and adding cloth inside. Please Take a lookrecdiap2



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